We came across Behind the Hoard Consulting when we were tasked to clean up an oversized double garage that was packed to the rafters. We were searching for a company that had expertise in hoarding situations, provide guidance when going through the contents, and also be able to handle/dispose of hazardous materials. This company was a 'one-stop-shop', not only did they provide the services we were seeking, they also coordinated the delivery/removal of disposal bin and offered to coordinate donations.

Nadine and her team were efficient; they arrived on time and finished the job ahead of schedule. Nadine's knowledge and professionalism made this job run smoothly, and her team worked very hard as well. I was impressed when they swept the garage floor. When they completed the job, we did a walk thru to make sure everything was completed to our satisfaction. I would highly recommend Behind the Hoard Consulting.


Most sincere thanks seems hardly adequate to express my gratitude for Behind The Hoard Consulting seeing me through one of the most challenging periods of my life.

I never would have made it without Nadine's time,tenacity,support and hard work.


I haven't had anyone in my home in many many years and I was filled with shame, doubt and anxiety the night before Nadine and her team were coming to do what they call a "Clean Sweep". The moment they walked in the door I burst into tears in shame and fear but Nadine was so supportive and understanding that I was able to work my way through it all.

It was nice to have someone in my home who understood that I was "stuck" but didn't know how to change it. Thank you for bringing order back into my life!!


This was one of the hardest things I had ever faced and Behind the Hoard Consulting came in and helped me regain control of my house. I was shocked that it was so much easier then I had expected. Nadine told me that some moments would be harder than others but she was with me the entire way. Thanks you Thank you.


Best staff and crew around, I wish I had done it years ago !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!