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Senior battles hoarding issue

Are you a Hoarder in the making?
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0 = Not at all; 2 = mild; 4 = moderate; 6= severe; 8= extreme
1.  Because of the number of possessions you have, how difficult is it to use the rooms in your Home?
2.  How upsetting is it for you to have your home in its current condition?
3.  How upsetting/concerning is it for others to have the home in its current condition?
4.  Have other people/agencies tried to intervene (offer to help you tidy up) because of the clutter?
5.  How difficult / distressing is it for you to get rid of things?
6.  How often have you spent money you don’t really have because you saw something and “just had to have it”
If you answered above 2 to questions 1, 4 or 5 assess your situation ask for feedback from someone you trust who knows you and ask for help accordingly.
If you answered 2, keep an eye on your situation, these questions are red flags.
If you answered 4 or higher to questions 2, 3 or 6 ask for feedback from a trusted friend who knows you and search yourself for the reasons and your ability to tackle the problems yourself.
If you have tried unsuccessfully numerous times, seek help to manage what may develop into a more serious problem.
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We will come and do a room by room assessment and identify the severity of the hoarding situation.
Among the areas assessed are:
  • Difficulty conducting daily activities
  • The need to acquire
  • The need to save
  • And the degree of difficulty in discarding items.


For individuals and their families that are affected by Hoarding/Hoarding Behaviors.

Therapeutic De-Cluttering

This is conducted in the location(s) where the Hoarding situation exists. We proceed at your pace, while being respectful to you and your unique situation while you make all of the decisions regarding your possessions.
Our role is to help you clear the way and achieve your goals.



$150.00 up to $350.00 + travel (& accommodation if necessary) depending on the size of the property.

Clean Sweep

Is a Voluntary Intensive Clean-up using. Behind The Hoard Consulting Crew. We return your home and property to the way you would like it to be. This is accomplished in a consolidated time frame under your directions of what should stay and what should go and how you would like it arranged. A minimum of 1 counselling session is required prior to beginning a "Clean Sweep" to ensure that the property owner is making these choices with full understanding of the impact a sudden change to their environment can have on them.
Contact us for pricing...Assessment required


Counselling $75/hr.

De-Cluttering/Clutter Coaching


Clutter Crew

$32.50/PERSON/HR plus the cost of protective clothing if required


* Applicable taxes payable in addition to fees listed above *
** New clients are currently being accepted **