Mission Statement

The Mission of Behind the Hoard Consulting is to provide you with support and guidance as you make meaningful change in your life and with respect to your belongings.

About us

Nadine leads a team of individuals who have experience and knowledge of hoarding/excessive clutter and are committed to providing our clients with honest, reliable, non-judgmental, support and understanding.
Our goal is for you to feel respected and heard throughout the entire process.

About Nadine

Nadine Achtemichuk has spent the last 10 yrs. counseling families and individuals often during times of crisis. Nadine has worked closely with individuals who are at risk of losing their housing due to their hoarding behaviors as well as having spent many years working in the mental health and addictions field. Nadine has enjoyed working in Alberta for the last several years and has obtained a wealth of knowledge and professional contacts within these fields.
Nadine is Co-Chair of the Calgary Community Hoarding Coalition which is a group of professionals dedicated to identifying and creating solutions for individuals and their families who are struggling with Hoarding or Excessive Clutter.
** New clients are currently being accepted **